PETA Pasties At London Fashion Week

The specific target of PETA protests seem to be guided by what's available in the props department at the 99-cent store. Let's see, we've got gas masks and pasties and toxic signs. Let's be against... fur. Wait, why not nuclear waste? Do you realize what the half-life of cadmium can do to a set of tender nipples? 

I can see the enthusiasm in the PETA prep room between the girls ready to hit London Fashion week. First off, you have a dozen naked young women in one room. That's inspiring in and of itself. You start mixing in the cosplay masks and taping signs to each other's organically charmed beaver and you have to believe some kind of Sapphic scrum broke out. The fur thing is just a break into between rounds and rounds of breathtaking orgasms. I'm on to you PETA. Like traps on a mink. Snap. One in the stink.

Photo Credit: Splash

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