Olivia Munn's Tits Used to Dance Like Angels

Oliva Munn is your favorite hole in the wall place to eat after it gets subsumed into some kind of giant restaurant corp. What the fuck ever happened to those homemade chips? Remember when the burgers seemed ridiculously oversized and covered your pants in some mixture of grease and condiments. Now everything is measured and square and dry and missing that certain je ne sais quoi. That's French for Olivia Munn's tits look smaller. It might not bother Aaron Rodgers or his male roommate companion slash masseur, but I have fond memories of Olivia and I making love on the center stage at Comic-Con while nerds formed a lightsaber arch around our naked bodies and chanted something in elfin. I can't remember if that really happened or it was just a dream. You ever experience that sensation as you get older?

Olivia went from free cable to network, from banging chippy up and comers to the MVP of the NFL. Her vagina used to taste like street vendor peach. Now it's organic Whole Foods pluot. Costs twice as much for half the flavor. Squeeze it. Where's my fucking juice? Hulk angry, Olivia. Lower on the dress next time and maybe we can be friends again. 

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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