Last Men on Earth Podcast #82: Blac Chyna Speculum Kink And Kendall Jenner Pepsi Hummer


Last week our sound engineer forgot to press record. This is how I imagine nuclear war goes with the Russians. They push a ton of buttons and nothing happens because nobody's run a systems check since 1982. Though our particular case was more chronic than chronic. Weed isn't a gateway drug to anything other than constantly forgetting where you left your keys.

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast we duck into a discussion on hot women asking for the men they fuck to chip in on their gyno-care, revisit Pepsi's massive misunderstanding of how to kowtow to millennial pussies, wonder if new slender Lena Dunham is still a boner killer, opine as to Rupert Sanders advice to go down on Kristen Stewart then forget about it, pretend to care about British people succumbing to Islamo-philia without a whimper, and Matt explains how David Spade gets himself so much top shelf pussy. It's like listening to Bill Nye explain igneous rock formation. Neither knows what they hell they're talking about.

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