Last Men on Earth Podcast #80: Pam Anderson Dripping WikiLeaks And Mama June Fap Worthy


In the old days men used to get together in bars over malted beverages and exchange opinions on topics of the day and lie to one another about who they were fucking. That's essentially what Matt and I do each week save for the fact that I'm married and Matt is a gender questioning polyamorous celibate. So it's like he's married. The drinking part still works.

I'd recommend a bar debate over a virtually vibrant Facebook thread. On occasion, remind yourself that you come from a long line of men who didn't have unlimited access to porn and chips and had to leave the home to satiate their needs.

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we delve into the vagina poetry of Pamela Anderson for her stud Julian, Matt shockingly calls Mama June a trailer park 6 or 7, Snoop fake shoots Trump but real shoots other people, I defend Justin Bieber for being spiteful midget bottom, we wonder why a Texas Congresswoman is proposing a bill to force men into rectal exams and what that might look like, and we both wish we'd been the who who first humped the defiant girl statue on Wall Street. You don't want to get in there second. Not with bronze.

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