Last Men on Earth Podcast #77: Beyonce Musical Genius And The Bitchy Women At Fashion Week


This week's show was dedicated to Dottie Sandusky. Every good child raping family needs a plum faced dupe who can shed a crocodile tear and deny with equal believability. Imagine the stories she has to tell at the weekly Bridge Club. Turns out Jerry wasn't building a birdhouse in the basement with Jeffrey during mentor hour.

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, Matt and I and special guest Jake Dill from 98.7 L.A., radio, consider the economy crushing consequences of a Day Without Immigrants, ponder SI putting their chubby editor into a bikini to claim female empowerment, wonder why the music world insists on calling Beyonce a musical genius, Matt explains why it's illegal to fuck a sex doll that resembles a nine year old, we declare Emily Ratajkowski the most annoying person in the world that you desperately want to bang, and wonder why they couldn't wait until Hef died to fuck up Playboy so monumentally. We covered a lot of territory, for drinkers.

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