Last Men on Earth Podcast #74: Barron Trump and Malia Obama Jokes Both On-Limits


Things have definitely changed since Trump officially became President. Lena Dunham is subsidizing abortions via Big Apple Entertainment Book Coupons and I saw a Mexican person walking South on the Freeway. Some things have stayed the same. Matt and I still spend zero time preparing for our weekly podcast, hammering home issues important to people who cry while they masturbate. 2017 is all about owning a niche. They're not all great niches.

This week's Last Men on Earth Podcast features engaging and occasionally sober conversation on 30-something moms going feral on teen boys, Malia Obama's uncanny ability to land A-list gigs, Shia LeBeouf transcending from asshole to crazy asshole, Matt explaining intersex children in gross detail, a defense of Kate Rich's Barron Trump joke on the grounds that it was fucking funny, and a soul searching on why The Oscars are necessarily shitty and irrelevant though probably not the latter.

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