Last Men on Earth Podcast #72: Karlie Kloss Koding Kamps And Kristen Stewart Muffin Twisting


Like Meryl Streep calling out the home states of rich people living Hollywood, Matt and I are a beacon of simplistic truths in an age of lies. Also, one of the few Los Angeles based broadcasts not in Spanish. You probably don't get points for that, let alone any money. Univision, call me.

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I go into deep superficial detail on Lola Kirke's preppy white girls problems (hint: it's abortion), Karlie Kloss and her concentration coding camps for girls who will never attend, Kristen Stewart biting hard on this whole lesbian bandwagon, super white Joseph Fiennes portraying super white Michael Jackson, figuring out how Chris Brown walks free, and positing why super independent feminists still unapologetically ask "daddy" for help. It's work, but God granted us these microphones and/or we stole them from a gig two years ago.

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