Last Men on Earth Podcast #71: Superfly Brain Fried And Utah Dance Moms Always Making Shit Up


Matt and I celebrated our first podcast of the new year by getting loaded and saying incoherent things about the least important topics of the day. Everybody has their tradition to ring in the change of the calendar. While we both agreed that people who measure the world and their life by an arbitrary calendar set by a Pope six hundred years ago to make Easter come earlier is akin to mouth breathing. Also, everybody who says 2016 was horrible because of all the deaths wouldn't have given a shit if Hillary had won like she was supposed to.

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, Matt and I superficially discuss Ray J's sinking self-respect, Bruce Jenner repping a major make-up brand with his salacious smile, how fucking pussy American shows are compared to the Real Housewives of ISIS on BBC, Superfly Snuka's mental health defense to murder, rigging toddler injury videos for fun and profit, and why Brent Musburger is at least ten years past time to be put out to pasture. This is the shit you need to know.

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