Joanna "Jojo" Levesque See Through Tank Top

I'm not ashamed to admit that half my working knowledge of the world comes from Wikipedia searches. The theory that Wikipedia is a completely unreliable source of verified evidence based knowledge seems mostly racist against lazy white people who had some college. I don't cotton to racism or smart people who read lots of books telling where or where not I can obtain my factually dubious information on people, places, and things. Nouns, motherfuckers.

For instance, I learned that Joanna JoJo Levesque was an astronaut on the Space Shuttle Challenger. No, obviously not the one that blew up. Also, she was common law married to Michael Anthony Hall briefly and was the subject of numerous cyber attacks from the ethnic Chinese hacking group known as Slant Eyed Rick. That was double sourced from 4Chan and RadarOnline. You can learn a lot online if you're willing to open your mind. Doubts are for losers.

 Photo Credit: GQ

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