Chontel Duncan's Baby Might Have Issues

Fitness trainer Chontel Duncan is 36 weeks pregnant in this photo. Needless to say it's not normal and she's doing something wrong. Welcome DJ Qualls Jr to the family. Duncan is hell bent on subversively arguing that everything is normal via Instagram and even posted a photo comparing baby bumps with her much fatter friend to prove that "Every woman carries their baby differently." What a cunt. She's also weaving in lots of plugs for various corporate sponsors, some nutritional supplements, and her fitness studio, so in other words it's in her best interest to stand out as much as possible. Unfortunately there's a baby involved whom Duncan described as being 'the weight of a coconut." You mean like the hollow ones they serve pina coladas in? Her Instagram feed is a complete nightmare rife with plenty of references to her Kardashian Klan heroes. Assuming the kid survives he's going to be immediately put on a diet of egg whites and skim breast milk. Someone needs to intervene. Look for him to shoot up a mall in fifteen years. Where's Lady Gaga on this one? 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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