Ashley Graham Adds Heft To Swimsuit Issue

Plus sized model Ashley Graham will be featured in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It's quite possible being heavy excludes you from certain gigs, including tight rope walker and supermodel. It's also possible James Harden has taken over as editor. A few weeks ago Playboy put out their first non-nude issue, essentially confirming they're no longer interested in dudes jerking off to their magazine, rendering it useless. It looks like the Swimsuit Issue will be following suit. This isn't a move to appease men, it's all for women, which makes no sense because they're not the target audience. Graham echoed that her inclusion was some kind of triumph for average looking people, thanking everyone who "stood up for curves." All of the SI models have curves. They're called tits and ass. Kate Upton was on the cover. Her tits are the size of cantaloupes. A lot of the models have big asses. They just don't have a major curve on their belly or gunt region. Keep buying those high wasted granny panties and pretending this means something, we all know the truth, teenage boys are discarding this page. 


 Photo Credit: Instagram

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