Kate Hudson Spandex Seduction

Kate Hudson moved quickly past complaints about shady sales techniques involving her Fabletics promoted workout line by shooting a ton of photos of herself not wearing much...... read more

Jaimie Alexander Oiled Up

Shape magazine is designed to give women false expectations of their body potential and then vaguely blame it on a body shaming male culture. Not a completely admirable...... read more

NFL Bans Stripper Ads

Scores is basically the Buffalo Wild Wings of the strip club game. A chain which will neither wow nor disappoint you with their chicken wings or pussy. Scores submitted an...... read more

Charlotte McKinney Boots Hot Body

Kate Upton is dead. Not literally. Not even figuratively. I mostly just meant I don't dream about porking her anymore and in my infantile sun revolves around my world...... read more

Kate Del Castillo Has Some 'Splaining To Do

Kate del Castillo is wanted for questioning by the Mexican government in regards to honorary uncle, the murderous drug lord El Chapo. Castillo is an investor in a tequila...... read more

Martin Shkreli Punks Congress

Martin Shkreli was summoned to testify in front of congress about prescription drug price gouging so they could pretend they're going to do something about it. Shkreli...... read more

Playboy Debuts Safe For Work Format

Playboy magazine is no longer showing tits ass or vagina in their magazine, which is curious because that was its entire identity. It's unclear if they'll still feature...... read more

Last Men on Earth Podcast #33: Wrestling Rape and Kanye Folding

Wrestling was the gayest sport ever invented, at least one that is still practiced in the open among young men in gymnasiums as if it’s still entirely kosher. When golfers...... read more

Joanna "Jojo" Levesque See Through Tank Top

I'm not ashamed to admit that half my working knowledge of the world comes from Wikipedia searches. The theory that Wikipedia is a completely unreliable source of verified...... read more

Dylan Penn Bikini In Rio

Dylan Penn is the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright which is a birthright genetic burden I wouldn't wish on anybody. Okay, you look good and you're got a decent trust...... read more

Daniela Lopez Osorio Bikinis On The Beach And Other Blessings Of The Internet

Daniela Lopez Osorio is in the top 5 of my favorite models. Maybe it's my hot Latin blood or her even hotter Latin body, but I never get tired of looking at her....... read more

Bill Cosby Courtroom Sketch Blood Chilling

Christine Cornell is the courtroom sketch artist who made Tom Brady look like a truck stop meth addict. She now appears to be taking some liberties with Bill Cosby, whom...... read more

Adriana Lima's Tough Life

Model Adriana Lima took to Instagram to complain about her life and assure everyone she wasn't complaining. Apparently she had to work for ten hours in a single day with a...... read more

Martin Shkreli Threatens To Smack Ghostface Killah

Martin Shkreli went on the popular hip hop themed NYC radio show The Breakfast Club, curiously named after an uber white 80's emo movie, and proceeded to talk more shit...... read more

Shanina Shaik Behind The Scenes Bikinis

Shanina Shaik is the kind of girl I can see marrying one day. Vaguely Middle Eastern so I can go full Clooney and declare my obvious multicultural bona fides and step into...... read more


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